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The Québec Federation of Forestry Cooperatives gather and represent, in shared interest areas, the totality of forest workers cooperatives, worker-shareholder cooperatives and solidarity cooperatives present in the forest sector of Québec.

Its mission is to create favourable conditions to cooperative development in order to furnish, ensure and create stable and rewarding jobs to the members of the forest cooperatives’ network and facilitate the maintenance and development of the enterprises and the network of Québec’s forestry cooperatives, in all the province’s regions. Its being realized through the following actions:

  • Act as representative and exchange forum (consensus building, representation and leadership);
  • Support the development of its members in formulating and implementing enabling projects, strategies and action plans, all intended to improve the operating of the cooperatives (cooperative life, certification, capitalization, human resources development, benchmarking, etc.);
  • Supply services to members (information, training, professional services, grouped supply, strategic watch, etc.).

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